About Jose Guerra

It may sound cliché to quote Laozi’s Tao Te Ching famous line:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Jose GuerraBut in my case, my journey began when I was a baby. Of course I don’t remember that, but my parents have told me many times about the journey. I was born in Mexico and raised in Texas. Most of my childhood was spent traveling between these two countries. I wasn’t limited to a single place in Mexico or Texas, but my adventures with my parents took many roads to many unknown places.

For me it was always a surprise to see places I had never seen or heard of before. For my parents, who were well traveled, everywhere we went was a familiar place to them. I felt like an explorer reaching into the heart of Mexico or out into the deserts of Texas. The people we met were old friends or family members to my parents but to me they were strangers who somehow knew who I was. Growing up and traveling with my parents was a great adventure in itself, but once I was old enough to travel on my own, I didn’t limit myself to places I was acquainted with.

Every time I embarked on a journey it was a special experience, an adventure ready to be explored. Everywhere I went I indulged in the local cuisines, tasted the water, ordered spaghetti and engaged with the local culture. Sometimes I had to learn the local language but it has always been a fun experience.

Writing about my adventures

I’ve always had a passion for writing. From the very first type writer I owned to my first PC, as soon as I had a keyboard to type on, I set my fingers to work. The decision to take typing lessons in high school was a very smart choice. For someone who loves to write, typing well and fast on a keyboard is a great joy. So this site is my medium, my online journal or book in which I get to exercise my passion for writing, share my travels and most importantly, share my experiences and opinions.

What else is there to know about me?

I enjoy playing chess (when I can) and reading chess books. I practice Tai Chi as well as traditional Shaolin kung fu. When I have time I make videos and upload them to YouTube. And lastly, I enjoy reading history and watching the History Channel. So if you like what you read on my site, if any article is useful or enjoyable, feel free to comment, subscribe and share it. Follow me on social media or subscribe to my newsletter. And most importantly, thank you for taking the time to read this page.