The Palace of Westminster

On a cloudy afternoon while strolling by the Houses of Parliament, the lighting was good and the scene was ripe for a snapshot.

I must admit that this building has become an iconic reminder of London in the United Kingdom. Where ever I go in London, few buildings have such a magnificent impact. But although most people call this building the Houses of Parliament, its common name, it is known by another name.

The actual name of the building is the Palace of Westminster. It is the meeting place for the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Together they make up the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The Palace of Westminster has been around since the 11nth century and was the primary residence of many kings until the 1500’s.

Today, the Palace of Westminster is one of the most popular places to visit. Thousands of tourist flock to the area with cameras in hand and endless selfy sticks. You will find many vendors in the area selling souvenir replicas as well as many goodies that you can eat. Periodically, you will see people demonstrating and protesting in front of the Houses of Parliament. Whether the politicians in the building ever notice who really knows. Besides this beautiful building are many other near by attractions which never fail to get a photo taken.

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Author: Jose Guerra

I am an American living in London who enjoys Japanese culture, traveling and photography. I enjoy sharing my travel experiences through social media and blogging.

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